Accidental Assistance / Claim

At Darwin Auto Services, we provide 1-Stop Accident Services from reporting, repairing to claim recovery for all types of motor vehicles. = no hassle for customer as tie-up with HDFC / KOTAK / Bajaj Insurance.

In addition, we also provide a replacement car or claim for loss of use, whichever is applicable in your situation.

Accident damage assessment will be processed by the surveyor from our workshop. We will provide a preliminary but yet fairly accurate onsite evaluation of damages or loss caused by an accident or natural event before filing a formal claim or disaster declaration. Damage assessment records the extent of damage, what can be replaced, restored, or salvaged and the time required for their execution.

Don’t worry, there will be no aggravated damage to inflate the claim amount! Only honest repair costs on your car and the Third Party’s car may help to lower the car insurance premium during renewal.

The whole claim settlement process is direct, fast & hassle-free.

Accident repair will be done completely in our workshop.

Guaranteed genuine / OEM parts will be used if needed.

Spray painting service is provided after the repair.

Finally, an assured peace of mind. Once you have reported the accident to us, we will handle the third-party claims that may be made against you.


Accidental Claim Before


Accidental Claim After
Accidental Claim Before
Accidental Claim After
Accidental Claim Before
Accidental Claim After